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We won’t give up on your child

Every child deserves to be happy and thrive. We believe that with the right support, there is hope for every child. The Bronx Family Mental Health Clinic provides that support. We have all the therapeutic services to properly diagnose your child’s mental health and behavioral challenges, and begin to transform your child’s life.

We can help when:

  • Your child is repeatedly suspended from school or cannot keep up academically.
  • Your child cannot control anger or commits acts of violence.
  • Your child has expressed thoughts of suicide.
  • Your child seems anxious, depressed, or withdrawn.
  • Your child shows signs of self-harm.
  • Your child is being bullied.

You’re no longer powerless.

It’s normal for parents to feel frustrated and overwhelmed when parenting children in need of mental health support. We provide resources to help you gain more control over complex family dynamics.

How we help

We involve the entire family in our therapy program. We will meet with you individually or together as a family. We can prescribe medication if needed. We will help you understand what to expect from your child at this stage of development. We will teach you parenting skills to reduce tension at home. We can:

  • Identify and treat the root cause of your child’s behavior, leading to lasting change.
  • Evaluate your child’s cognitive and developmental ability, and if appropriate, recommend a different educational setting.
  • Help you navigate school and social services systems.
  • Help you advocate for your child’s needs.

No judgment

Many parents worry about being judged. We never do. Our role is to help transform your child, and to provide the resources you need to be a successful parent.

Let’s work together to achieve great things for your child and your family!

Are you eligible?

We provide services to all Medicaid-eligible youth, 5-21, and their families, including those supported in child welfare programs (foster care, family stabilization, and prevention). We also support special education students and youth in juvenile justice programs.

To find out more, inquire about eligibility, or make an appointment, contact us at [email protected] or 718-794-8464.